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The Jenesis 3 Month Inner Freedom Program. Begins 11th September 2023 8pm

Introducing our revolutionary program.    Unleash Your Inner Potential and embark on a life-changing adventure with the exclusive Jenesis Inner Freedom Program. This immersive three-month journey is meticulously crafted to navigate the critical junctures of your personal history, dismantling any barriers that hinder your progress. Learn the art of proficiently engaging with your subconscious to induce enduring and substantial transformations.   Gain insights into the art of manifesting your aspirations and attaining a life brimming with satisfaction, prosperity, and accomplishment. Our primary goal is to liberate you from lingering sources of distress and seamlessly integrate your desired outcomes.    Through the seamless integration of Havening, PSYCH-K, and Hypnotherapy techniques, we intricately unlock your inherent capabilities, magnify your latent potential, and bring you closer to your aspirations.   Our group sessions are meticulously designed, comprising a comprehensive framework: three immersive workshops, each spanning two hours, coupled with three revitalizing one-hour practice sessions. You'll also gain access to supplementary course materials, enriching worksheets, enlightening videos, and guided audio Havenings.   **As an added bonus, we're offering a FREE Parenting Mini Course.**  Act swiftly, as spots are limited for our intimate group setting. The next enrollment cycle commences in January

£333.00 GBP

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