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Training Services

As a certified trainer, I take great pride in sharing the neuroscience-based modality of The Havening Techniques® and Jenesis with those looking for a new (or additional) qualification. Becoming a certified practitioner will not only give you the freedom of running your own business and managing your own time, but most importantly, the incredible satisfaction of watching others transform and find their way back!

For more information on any of my training and qualifications, please get in touch.

'I just wanted to say 'thank you' for the introduction to your Soma work.  I do a lot of this sort of thing myself and have done for years, but the clarity and magic of the way you do it is amazing.' FD Sept 2023  

Havening Training

The Havening Techniques® Training has three distinct applications

  • Down-regulation of emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma
  • Wellness, stress management, and peak performance
  • As a Self-help tool


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Jenesis Training

The Jenesis Training has two main themes

  • What have you got that you would like to dissolve
  • What do you want instead?

A person-centred approach for raising awareness, intention and vibration, transforming the beliefs, thoughts and emotions that are unhelpful and rewiring us for the helpful successful life we want. 

We also offer supervisory sessions for those wishing to have one-to-one support and guidance in their professional expansion.

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Workshops, Retreats and Masterclasses

These are run throughout the year and are generally themed such as; Freedom to Fly, Adolesence, Neurodiversity, Parenting, Menopause, Shadow Work, Health Anxiety, Pain etc

Creation of bespoke workshops upon request.

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Official Havening Techniques® Certified 2-day Practitioner Training

This training is ideal for either personal or professional use. Particularly therapists and professionals working in physical or mental health, well-being and personal development, education and other care facilities, establishments and institutions. 

Especially beneficial for first responders, emergency services (police, fire service, ambulance staff, paramedics, nurses, doctors), psychologists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, coaches and NLP practitioners, EMDR, EFT, Tapping and any other psychosensory techniques.

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Jenesis Training

In the beginning, there was you. When this is all over there will be you. 

What you do in between is a choice. 


Jenesis training is the brain baby of Jenna. With freedom and heart, Jenna has curated from ancient wisdom teachings to cutting-edge neuroscience a formula that has worked for her own expansion and growth and for her clients too. 

Unbound and unapologetic Jennas' program addresses perspectives in wholeness, inner engineering and return to self-trust and self-healing and Loving Self Acceptance. 

Sharing positive psychological principles and biologically based tools Jenna works with you, teaching, demonstrating and practising throughout the program. Practically she shares structures and insights that are not just for you to use with your own clients but in your own personal exploration and expansion. 


Jenesis Program

The Jenesis Program runs for 12 weeks and  includes

  • 1 Full-day initial training per month (3 days of training in total)
  • 1 hour per week group session
  • 3 x 1:1 sessions with Jenna (1.5h)
  • Printable course Material
  • Online tutorials released bi-weekly
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