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For me, resolving fear is PERSONAL!

 For a long time, I had struggled to resolve the pain of the past. I often felt scared, stressed, and exhausted. I was sure I was simultaneously making a mess of everything AND rapidly running out of time.

I was convinced I was messing up my child, and that I was pretty useless, despite all the evidence that I was doing just great in relationships and work life. I ran the belief that I was not 'good enough' for the 'out of my reach' life I wanted and that it wasn't available to someone like me anyway.

I was wracked with the grief of multiple suicides in my immediate family and saw no real way to actually let go of the psychological and physical 'symptoms' of my emotional pain, years after the losses. 

What started many years ago as a quest to conquer these traumas, insecurities and anxiety turned into my life purpose, to share and teach a system that transformed my life and helped hundreds of my clients find their way back to themselves, clear their pain, upgrade their beliefs and step into who they really are.