Soma and Parts Havening Workshop:

Exploring the Body-Mind Connection

Delve into the intricacies of how our bodies store memories and the mind activates programs rooted in past experiences, and how to resolve them with our Soma and Parts Havening workshop. This immersive workshop comprehensively explains how the body retains and the mind continually references these encoded events, sometimes wreaking havoc on our daily lives.

During this workshop, we will explore the theoretical underpinnings and engage in practical exercises to navigate and resolve the physical, emotional, and kinesthetic manifestations of unresolved issues in the body.

You're invited to consider Soma and Parts Havening as valuable adjunct protocols for addressing a wide range of challenges, including physical pain, injuries, illnesses, ailments, allergies, and the emotional baggage we carry in our bodies.

These advanced Jentle protocols complement one another and have been designed to help with stuck SUDs, Resilience Building, Timeline Work, and Inner Child Work to name a few features.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your practice and join us on a transformative journey towards healing, self-discovery and an expanded tool kit for your clients. 

What people say...

''I've been in my game over a decade and it had never occurred to me to try this... this is going to really help so many of my clients''

''As a therapist, I was intrigued to attend Jenna Nyes Havening Training and her Soma Havening presentation and demonstration. Training with Jenna is one of the best training experiences I have had!  Her presentation style is clear,  inclusive and informative. She is client-centred and gives thorough evidence in a well-paced way with helpful hand-outs. The demonstration of Soma Havening was a delight to behold -  and achieved an amazing outcome. This was followed by guided practice and support. Thank you Jenna for such an important addition to my therapeutic toolkit''

''Your protocol really helped me understand the process and gave me the confidence to use it much more often''

''Jenna thank you so much for this training, Soma and Parts work hand in hand in ways I never thought possible''


When Medicine is Open 

Doctors following the medical paradigm would have found what I, as a seasoned GP (General Practitioner), experienced in Jenna Nye’s Soma Havening presentation and demonstration beyond their belief. 
How can long-held pain be resolved in a matter of 20 minutes of therapeutic intervention?  
This was so impressive to observe and demonstrates Jenna’s skills in elucidating the body-held trauma and utilising the patient/client senses to enable resolution. 
From my experience, this has a long-lasting effect. 
Miracles do happen!
Thank you Jenna 
Dr Michael Carmi MB ChB, FRCGP, former Associate Dean, London Deanery, and Visiting Professor of Primary Health Care